This introductory course is for students interested in singing. Students study the fundamental skills of music, sight-singing, proper vocal production, and vocal health. Choral music study involves listening, describing, and evaluating music. Students also study basic vocal health and wellness issues. Any student who loves to sing is welcome to join. Participation in after-school rehearsals and performances is expected.


Men's & Women's Chamber

(Honor Credit - Audition Required)

These ensembles are designed for smaller groups of select tenor/bass or treble singers who perform chamber choral music from all traditional and contemporary musical periods. Men’s and Women's Chamber Choir requires high technical and interpretive skills. Students apply the elements of music and musical techniques within a variety of parameters and learn to critique their performance. Participation in after-school rehearsals and performances is expected. 


Mixed Chamber

(Honors Credit - Audition Required)
This course utilizes a small performing group of mixed voices, which requires the highest level of technical skill and the ability to perform music in a variety of meters and keys, using both traditional and non-traditional notation. Mixed Chamber Choir students perform with subtle nuances making their work unique, interesting, and expressive. Exploration is highly encouraged to interpret music from personal, cultural, and historical contexts. Participation in afterschool rehearsals and performances is expected.