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Royals Auditions

Thursday, September 8th 

We are thrilled that you are interested in being a member of our new ensemble! Whether you are currently a member of Choir, are not in choir but love to sing, or are moving to the district next year, you have the opportunity to audition for this new ensemble!

Royals Auditions: Text

Audition Preparation

Vocal Solo Auditions

1. Please prepare 45-60 seconds of a song from any contemporary style of music

2. No classical, musical theater, or foreign language songs are allowed

3. The solo needs to be performed from memory and sung a cappella (no backing tracks or piano)

Vocal Parts Auditions

1. All students will need to learn the a cappella arrangement of "This Will Be" (Music linked below)

2. Use the sheet music and tracks provided below to learn the arrangement - The audition cut is highlighted

3. All students should choose to learn the voice part that best fits their range

4. We will go over the arrangements a few times in person together at auditions

5. The day of auditions, students will be asked to sing in at least 3 different groups of 4 singers at a time, with only one person on each part


1. All students will be asked to improvise a harmony to a well known melody

Vocal Percussion Auditions

1. These auditions are completely optional. If you would like to be considered for VP, please be prepared to beat box and demonstrate three different kinds of patterns or grooves

2. Vocal Percussionists are required to learn one of the Vocal Parts as well. Please be prepared to sing and beat box.

3. Beginner Vocal Percussionists are HIGHLY recommended to try out! Very few people have experience doing this so please do not be afraid to step up in auditions.

Royals Auditions: Text
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