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Ardrey Kell High School Choir Department


Through a balanced repertoire of high quality music representing diverse genres and eras, the student will gain the versatility to perform music in a stylistically appropriate manner, with emphasis on pitch and rhythmic accuracy, consistency, and the highest potential quality sound.  Students will engage in artistic culture at the highest levels of complexity and competence.  The student will also learn to craft intelligent critical appraisals of performances, to become a functional connoisseur of all types of music.  Students will gain awareness of different styles of music, with emphasis on the various historical and cultural styles within Western traditions.  Students will experience increased awareness of how music is unique in its expressive and communicative nature, particularly non-verbal aspects. Students will also be provided with a place of belonging, a sense of unity, and a source of fellowship through their participation in choir.  The Ardrey Kell Choral Department will provide an environment for vocal excellence through vocal development, both individual and ensemble.

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